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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  August 31, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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i'm cenk uygur in for dylan ratigan. 2,271 days. that's how long it's been since the bombs first started falling over baghdad. four hours from now president obama declares an end to combat. he should deliver a strong speech, even though we all know he want. what's more likely, sarah pale nn the white house or aliens among us? some of you will be surprised by the answer. some of you won't. all that plus, million dollar hair, the best political ad we've seen in a long time, and the most awesome facebook video ever. this show starts right now. tonight the president will address the nation from the oval office on a withdrawal from iraq. he will likely give a milk toast speech about how we're leaving iraq and staying in afghanistan
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and how important both of those things are. blah, blah, blah. i would like to take this opportunity to tell you what the president should say tonight, if he was the man we voted for. my fellow americans tonight marks the beginning of the end of the iraq war. i can not get our troops out of there quickly enough. this war has been a complete d utter disaster. what did we gain? not a damn thing. i know we lost over 4,400 minnesota and women and in our armed sources. over 30,000 injured. at least 100,000 iraqi civilians killed. not just billions, but a trillion dollars of our treasury. and unfortunately we lost one other thing, our reputation for strength, wisdom and decency.
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that dark period in our history is about to come to an end. the objective of this war was finding massive of weapons of mass destruction. here's how many we found. zero, nada zilch. i originally called this war dumb, and how right i was. the 50,000 non-combat troops in there will be withdrawn as an expedited pace, because i'm afraid they'll naturally be drawn into combat. i don't want to lose another precious american life for this god-foresaken war. i was originally in favor of the war in afghanistan, nine long years ago, when osama bin laden was actually still there. that is not the case anymore.
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we didn't get the top leaders. they're no longer there. what's the current mission in afghanistan? to stabilize the country. good luck to us. that country has never been stable in all of human history. my ego is not that big. we're leaving. one of the reasons i'm leaving these two countries is i don't want to lose another soldier on my watch for senseless wars built on politicians' egos. the second reason is you would like me to bring you change, not george bush's strategy of escalations and insurgents. we're still leaving iraq on bush's schedule. could we put a little pep in our step? perhaps the most reason is we have to spend our money here at home on behalf of the american people instead of giving it to
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billionaire defense contractors. we just spent over a trillion dollars on the two wars. imagine how much we could have helped the economy if we spent that money here, if we poured a trillion dollars into alternative energy sources. by this time we night not need their damn oil. the spending priorities in the country are upside down, and there's a reason for that. it's because people who give us politicians money get rich off of those spending priorities. but you elected me for change. we're going to stop shoveling your money to defense contractors, banks on wall streets and other every special interest that buys your politicians. we're going to spend it on you. we will protect your social security. we will provide you with new jobs. we will get the money to small businesses that built this country. and we will rebuild this economy and restore our hope.
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that was my promise to you in my campaign. that's what you're going to get starting right now. that's change you can believe in. all right. that's it. any applause? no. okay. i don't think you get applause in the oval office. but here to tell me how i did and why the president can't say what i just said, a former speech writer for president clinton, also with us nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel, who has covered the war in iraq since it began. all right, let me start with you, jeff. why couldn't the president just say what i said? >> that's what you call a blaze of glory speech. i thought you were going to announce his resignation at the end of the speech. >> but why? what's wrong with that speech? isn't that what the american people want and voted for? >> i think that's what some of the american people want. i'm not sure it's what all the american people want. it's a great exercise to write the speeches that we want
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president to give, and when i was writing for president clinton i would sometimes write those drafts and we would enjoy them, and then we would put them aside. the demands on a president -- the president has to reach a lot of audiences at once. that's an important audience. i'm trying to imagine how the speech may be heard by say, veterans of the iraq war or combat troops over in afghanistan right now. that's a critical constituency the president has to take care of. i think it's very difficult whatever he may have said during the campaign or whatever he may believe today to essentially tell 4,400 men and women that they died for a total mistake. he has to look at the totality of what we're left with and see where we stand going forward. >> jeff, here's how he could help the people in iraq and afghanistan. by making sure they don't get killed. here's a constituency he could appeal to in the speech, the people who elected him. i know, but i'm crazy. let me ask richard a question here. richard, i'm going to play a
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clip of you from the "today show." you should enjoy that. let's watch. >> had the united states not invaded iraq, would we be done in afghanistan? >> probably. that was a giant distraction of resources, of intelligence asset. that war would probably be over. >> i like that. that's bold. so you really believe na? >> i certainly do. >> would we have gotten bin laden by now? >> that i don't know. but many people i spoke to who served in both iraq and afghanistan, and these are senior commanders, people who also served in washington in an advisory capacity, believed had the money, the intelligence assets and really the focus not shifted to iraq, then the war would have been over. >> i think it's nearly inarguable, except conventional wisdom has not gotten to that point in this country. i want to follow up with you on
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iraq. isn't this the same schedule that president bush had? that he signed with prime minister maliki? on one hand you want to give credit to obama for following through on his campaign promise to leave iraq. isn't she just doing what bush said to do? >> he's keeping a time schedule. he's not expediting it. he's not bringing troops out earlier. he's just announcing tonight the end of combat operations. it actually ended 12 days ago when the last combat troops left. but this is a moment he's trying to mark. and he's trying to acknowledge the sacrifices of the soldiers. in president obama's last speech when he said he was going to do this, there wasn't a lot of credit given to the soldiers. he made a national address and he was speaking to veterans groups. he said, don't worry. you troops aren't going to be hated when you come home and mistreated like what happened in vietnam. i was with soldiers at the time.
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a lot of soldiers stood on their back heels and said what are you talking about? why should we be hated? so we're going to see from the president tonight a different kind of message. going out of his way to thank the soldier lgs and marines. >> that's a great point, richard. jeff, how does obama not follow into this trap? the republicans say, you say the war was a disaster, which it was, but it was their war. but you're saying the troops wasted their lives. you alluded to that. what am i going to do? i thought it was a dumb war. it was a dumb war. that dun mean the troops are at fault. that's absurd. but how do you get it out of that political track? >> you try to talk about the the moment and the path forward both in iraq and afghanistan. i don't think the president has any interest in walking everybody through the history of this war, where the previous administration made huge mistakes, where he differed with
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the previous administration. this is not going to be a history lesson he's going to deliver tonight. he's going to speak frankly about the state of affairs as they exist now in iraq. obviously he'll do so with reference, probably exclusive reference to what's going on in afghanistan. >> i enjoy this conversation, but i couldn't disagree with you more. that's what the democrats always do. let's not ever blame the republicans for their disasterous mistakes. oh, look, we lost an election. because you didn't tell the american people what you were for or against. that's my opinion. jeff and richard, thank you both so much. >> thank you. straight ahead this tuesday, we'll mix it up on the day's other top stories, including a continuing debate at ground zero. we're not only hearing from the developer of the controversial islamic center, but also from a top taliban official. why he's thanking americans for opposing the project. plus republicans riding high. a new pool putting them in the best position ever to take back control of congress. can democrats do anything to save their majority?
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we're back to mix it up on the islamic center controversy. what developers call a surreal debate. and the gop's hopes for 2010 and perhaps beyond looking better than ever. let's start with the latest poll about the construction of the islamic center near ground zero. 54% of new yorkers say the muslims have a constitutional right to build it. i'm encouraged they agree with the constitution. at the same time, seven out of
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feel the developers should voluntarily move it. 71% think there should be an investigation on how this is being paid for. i agree. we should investigate where the funding is coming from for every mosque, church, and temple in the country. let's investigate all the right-wing churches in the country. oh, i thought everybody was into investigating religious organizations. oh, you meant only muslims. my bad. that's consistent. meantime, the developer who is stunned by the debate is peeking out for the first time. he says the center is more than a mosque. >> it should be universe ally kno known as a hub of culture, a hub of coexistence, a hub of bringing people together. >> here to mix it up is msnbc crib tor and political reporter for "slate" magazine. first, let me ask you, dave, if
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the original polls in manhattan were in favor of the mosque and now they seem to be against the mosque, as you just saw the numbers, did progressives lose the debate because they're on the wrong side? or did they lose because they never made a defense? >> i think your second point is correct. they didn't engage in what the issue was about. they didn't have the confidence too. president obama was emblematic of this. he said friday where he took a stand on the issue that they had a right to build it. it sounded like he was making an argument for religious pluralism and tolerance. when asked about that, he backed away you have conservatives and people who call themselves anti-jihadists. liberals not wanting to lose. so they lost. that's what happens if you back away. >> chris, we have now a mosque being burnt down, it's under construction and they burnt the construction materials in tennessee. there were shootings by mosques. there's, of course, what happened with a cabbie in new
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york. things are getting really ugly here. is this a result of conservatives stirring up the wrong fashion? gl the rhetoric has gotten ugly. ha lot of it is a fundamental misunderstanding americans have about islam and the muslim faith and about the community center. part of the blame is clearly on the right for juicing this up. there are a lot of key individual thos blame for that. the challenge is also on progressives and also the developers and others to really go out and communicate what this mosque and it's role in the community is going to be. and you have to kind of fill that message gap, if you will, that wasn't articulated as well as it could have been in the beginning. and those who opposed it for a lot of bad reasons filled the gap. >> yeah, and now democrats are running harder away from it. and we have a taliban leader who said he was just thankful that we gave him this gift.
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so it's a disaster all around. by preventing this mosque from being built, america is doing us a big favor. it's providing us with more recruits, do nations, and popular support. real quick, dave, let me ask you, any conservatives in this country understand that? and do they care? >> i don't think they care. i don't think it's a good idea to judge if you're winning or losing a war based on press releases. they see they've got an issue here that makes america really passionate. one of my glenn beck rally memories this weekend saying we need to go to churches and synagogues. and people behind me yelling, not in ground zero. republicans are confident this is a winning issue for them. they don't care what the taliban said. >> fair enough. onto another grim forecast for
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democrats. republicans hold a record ten-point lead in a new gallup poll asking voters which party they prefer. disaster. the gop hasn't had a lead this big in the 68-year history of the generic ballot poll. that includes five gaps in 1994 and 2002. both years the republicans made, let's say, substantial gains. the numbers couldn't come at a worse time for the obama administration. already plagued with a host of bad news on housing, unemployment and the afghan war. many democrats mind closed the doors believe their majority will be lost to republicans in november. but is all hope really lost? well, chris, let me start with you. that looks really bad. >> well, hope is not lost. we still have two months before the election. but the trend lines, and i don't put a lot of stock into individual polls, but trend lines matter. the trend lines for democrats are good. they have no message.
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they have no credible policies or solutions to the country's problems. they have no vision to where they will lead. but our problem and our challenge is communicating to the american people what we had dpo done and the policies we put in place and wre with leave the country. i don't think we've done a good enough job as that. i'm just not in that camp. the bush thing was working well in the first year. voters have moved on. the policies that pass are going to make the numbers better. >> nonpartisan numbers saying the stimulus was fantastic. added $200 billion to the economy and et cetera. but i don't hear democrats talking about it. is the problem these knuckle heads don't know how to make their own case? >> that's some it. there's a credibility gap.
4:21 pm
voters don't want to hear about the major economic problems that this did good. if you talk to democrats in january and february, think thought if they pass health care eventually they'll become more popular. those things aren't really happening. when voters look at high unemployment numbers and punish whatever party they blame for it. we're running in the margins of a democratic disaster in the making because of the economy. nothing really changes that unless foreign policy or something else intrudes into the picture. >> let's go from 2010 to 2012. interesting republicans names being tossed around for the white house. including john bolton, god help us all, who refused to say no to the idea.
4:22 pm
he's been a long time critic of president obama, even claiming he wrecked iraq. yeah, it was obama, not bush, who was his boss. then this former alaska governor sarah palin, though she's hammered in the latest poll. despite her supposed rock star appeal, more people believe in ufos than believe palin will be an effective president. 59% of the country are against palin for president. an overwhelming 77% of moderates are against it. members of her own party can't decide. 40% say she would not. as for newt gingrich. coburn said gingrich would be the last person he would vote for. as i look at this row of unfavorability ratings, once again i ask chris, how do you lose to these guys? >> well if it's sarah palin, as
4:23 pm
i said before, we could have a biblical depression and we'll win the white house again. i think what's going to happen on the republican side will be fascinating. the republicans are their own worst enemy. we've seen the gop civil war play out in critical states these republican candidates thinking of running for president. they just do not represent where the country is. president obama will be in a much stronger position if you tie that to the economy turns around. these are not easy day for democrats. but the notion that somehow the country has moved to the right or the country has moved to the republican party will may out for a couple years, i just don't buy it. >> obama is so lucky in his choice of enemies. with enemies like this, you
4:24 pm
don't need friends. they can kiss off progressives. among these people, somebody has to win the republican nomination. who is going to be? and can they beat obama? >> no, democrats aren't worried about u now. partly because they have a reasonable panic about 2010. bill clinton lost a bunch of seats in 1994 for other reasons. if obama can establish himself as a president who governs against if republican congress, i think he could win. so i think they're throwing a lot of the democrats under the bus. but democrats are much more confident about obama beating palin than saving their majorities. >> i think with numbers like that, 70% of moderates say they're against her, she should be done in the national conversation. nobody should be talking about her realistically. she can't possibly win with those numbers.
4:25 pm
now still ahead, staying around for our friend arnie melburn. he says he's going to single handedly fix the senate. i don't believe it. >> washington remains out of touch. >> you know how they say the trailer is always better than the movie. let's hope in this case that's not true. we'll show you the republicans' latest attempt to reinvent themselves. this time as the young guns. this is going to be fun. ♪ ♪ well, if you come from the hood ♪ ♪ or ya come from the burbs ♪ got the fellas up in here tonight ♪ ♪
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there's a few more stories i want to share with you today. up first, the republicans are apparently jealous of my regular
4:29 pm
show so they tweak the young turks to become the young guns. now they're pretending to be cool. let's look at these goof balls. >> the new team is reds di to bring america back. eric cantor, young guns. a new generation of conservative leaders. >> just love that. how awkward is his smile? you are no emilio estevez. want to balance the budget, make tax cuts. want to cure dog's cancer? tax cuts. want to redate your tires? tax cuts. fresh new republican ideas leading us back into the 19th century. next, we already know troy's hair is a big part of his image.
4:30 pm
>> we want to know about the game winning interception. >> didn't ask about your hair, troy? >> you asked with your eyes, trent. >> now the steelers are insuring his hair for $1 million. they say his hair was laid out end to end it would span 100 football fields. i believe them. that's a lot of hair. what could possibly happen to his hair. it's not like he has any chance of going bald any time soon. yeah, i guess that could happen. that was larry johnson tackling him by the air in '06. we were wondering what i could insure in my main feature is my gut. i'm not sure that's work anything. then i realized jersey shore nickname is the conversation. we could insure my mouth, but
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i'm not sure we would get anything for that. no one misinterprets american culture better than turkish pop singers. now there's a new song called facebook. unfortunately you're probably not going to be able to get this out of your head. ♪ facebook, facebook >> i get to flex the least useful skill in america for this story. i can translate his turkish for you. he says he loves facebook because he met this really hot girl on it. can you believe it? ♪ facebook, facebook, facebook ♪ listen, there's much more to come today on "the d.r. show." including what ben franklin would say if he was alive today.
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as we showed you in the show. there's a new group of republicans called the young guns. they're led by paul ryan, rescued for getting the budget under control is to slash social security. of course. that's what they always want to do. if the republicans got their way, they would raise the retirement age, cut benefit ls and privatize youth social security to gamble your money on the stock market. george bush tried this. now the young guns are back at it now. and former republican al simpson is also on board. he said social security is like a milk cow with 300 million
4:36 pm
teets. but you pay into social security. you're not sucking off of it. you're just getting your money back for retirement. exactly as it was intended. so i believe robert deniro has a question for al simpson. >> you can milk anything with nipples. >> i have nipples, greg. could you milk me? >> i have nipples, senator simpson, could you milk me? any money to the middle class is front to them. money to the bankers, fantastic. money to the americans put in towards their own retirement, nope. against it. simpson has the attitude like itself his money and he's going to give some of it back to you while he keeps the rest. it's has a $2.5 trillion surplus. say it with me. it will pay 100% of your
4:37 pm
benefits through 2037. in a worst case scenario, pay 78% of your benefits dthrough 2084. when they tell you it's broke, they are lying. the problem is they've already spent the surplus on tax cuts for the rich those guys are sucking off of you. we should be united in saying we will not let you rob us. luckily we are. a recent aarp poll says 85% of americans are against cutting social security in any way. the american people have never been so clear. so what is the president's reaction to simpson's outrageous suggestions. of course, he gets to keep his job. he didn't offend glenn beck or fox news channel. no reason to fire him. if you're a strong progressive in this generation, you meet the
4:38 pm
underside of the bus. if you treat the american people like leeches, like simpson did or call progressives effing retards or give trillions in benefits like geithner did, then your job is safe because fox news like you. president obama campaigned on change. we never imagined it would be a change in his attitude that we were pushing for two years into his term. joining me now is former republican congressman from ohio. he and i have a bit of a different opinion here. let's agree on the facts. 2 $.5 trillion surplus for social security, right? >> you just said they've already spent it. so either it has been spent and nothing is there. we have to decide on one or the other. >> yes. i'm going to explain that. the fact is the money is gone. >> if we have a debt to china or saudi arabia. we have to pay it or the bond market will flip out what are
4:39 pm
you doing? now if we have a debt to the american people, of which we do under social security, and you want to milk them, that is also. you guys spend it on the tax cuts for the rich and senseless ridiculous wars. how about we get our money back? >> well, either the money is spent or it's there as a surplus. >> so you're admitting you spent it? >> the fact is it's gone. it's been consumed and spent. there is no treasury. this year people say for years we would hit it. it has come. we're spending more money this year than taking in. everyone knew it was coming. that day is now upon us. >> that is a blip in the radar because of the recession. every economist agrees it will pay 100% until 2037. are you disagreeing with all those numbers. >> yes. >> yes. >> of course, you are.
4:40 pm
every single year that comes out of our paycheck. we put it in. and we were suckers. you took the money and gave it to tax cuts to the rich, and you're not going to give it back. is that what you're saying? >> not close. >> it looks like it. >> the social security report on august 11th says it is $2.5 trillion in the shortfall. as you just mentioned. >> surplus. >> bill clinton said how do you keep that from happening. if you stop and think a bit. the date of 65 years of age was chosen by bismarck in the 19th century. 38 years later when social security was established they took the same date that we're living 20 years longer. so there's a demographic problem that everybody knew was coming. you can play politics all you want. i was an intern for my predecessor in the 1970s. you can go to the parol of the house and senate today and see the same bumper sticker.
4:41 pm
vote democrat. save social security. they've been riding this thing for 30 years. we knew this day would come. there's no alternative. >> i love the irony of what you just said. you just told them you were going to cut their social security. you just told them i'm not paying you back. now you're saying the democrats -- you just said it. >> you wouldn't have to repeat it if i had said that. because you know that i didn't. >> didn't you just say? >> did i not just raise the retirement age. >> bill clinton is not here. i want to know what you think, should we raise the retirement age? >> we have a chinese menu of options. one of them is bill clinton said -- >> no, no, no. forget bill clinton. >> no, stay with me here. >> you're a republican, do you want to raise the retirement age? yes or no? >> i said there's a series of options and we're not going to change anything off the table? >> in other words, yes. of course. >> that's your political
4:42 pm
argument. >> as a republican you say you're not going to cut social security. can i get your word on that? you, congressman, you're going to come back and say i'm against this commission. they should never do that. american shouldn't put their hard earned money into that. are you saying that? >> that's a political attack. you tell me what to do when you're running short of money? >> i'll tell you what you do. there are a hundred other things to cut. >> let's hear it. >> name one. >> billions in defense contracts wasted. how about the dumb ass war in iraq and waste a trillion dollars when we found zero weapons of mass destruction. you flush it down to the toilet. now you're robbing people's social security. that's outrageous security. >> not your contempt for america. >> contempt for america. you lost 2,400 american lives in iraq. you have contempt for america. >> you have a shortfall. what would you do about that?
4:43 pm
>> i'm telling you how i would balance the budget. i'm not full of it. i would raise taxes for the rich. >> raise taxes, fine. that will do it. >> it was still at 50% and our economy did well. when we were in our golden age in america, the taxes were between 70% and 90%. i'm not saying we go there. that's how we built the middle class. that's an option. here's another option. stop wasting so much money getting wipe right into the dfs contractor's pocket. we spend more on defense than the rest of the world. >> your contempt for those -- >> you want to rob social security. >> your contempt for those who defend the country -- >> oh, you are being ridiculous. i don't want their lives lost. i don't want them being wasted so your defense contractor buddyscan make more money. >> i already talked about it. you told me you were going to cut it. the chinese menu of options. i know. >> that's right. and you want to use it for a political issue rather than
4:44 pm
being an adult. >> be an dull. >> some day you're going to have a child. when that child is running short of money. >> the way you're going to rob those folks is very adult like. thank you for joining us. absolutely. you heard it for yourself here. anybody can judge it. all right. next up. we have the daily rant, if you can beat that one, about ending majority rules in congress so we can actually get something accomplished. boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance.
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time for the daily rant. if we haven't had enough of those on this show. the united states of america was founded on the premise of the rights of the minorities should be protected. in a democracy, sometimes the minority party can cause havoc. look at what's happening in congress now. luckily we have arne here to fix it all. >> so everyone has ideas for how to fix our government. i have a plan that's simple and logical and really old. majority rule. here's the idea. when there's a standoff between the majority and the minority, the majority wins, you know, like in elections. but let's not stop at elections. can you imagine if we apply the majority rule in congress, where the people we elect actually make decisions? right now the majority is rarely good enough. if you follow the news you know what i'm talking about. today almost every bill requires a super majority to pass the
4:49 pm
senate. that's because the minority party threatens to filibuster anything it doesn't like. in the 1960s the filibuster bottled up about 8% of major legislation. today it's up to 70%. so most bills must have a super majority to pass. the numbers show the republicans are worse. the gop started going wild in 2006, leading to today's all time highs. maybe that's because the republicans are happier when the government does known. maybe because they want to block out the democrats until november. it doesn't matter. this is a total absurdity in american politics that's become the norm. and because it helps the most random senators seem relevant and because it's boring to most people, and it's usual going down incognito. the quick end to my rant is to
4:50 pm
look at what senator tom harkin is doing. he's got a bill to prevent the minority from forwarding up or down votes. when the senate convenes in a new session, it can change the rules to limit how long the minority filibusters last. and the senate has changed these rules before. it used to require 67 votes, not 60, to break a filibuster. when the senate reconvenes, regardless who wins, it would be a good time to break out the rule book. there's nothing democratic about the minority making decisions for the rest of us. cenk? >> so we get the chance to do it after the next election. if the republican are in charge, filibuster is out. you get your way. how about the democrats? will they have the spine to do that? my guess is no way. >> some democrats worry about looking like they're changing midstream. senator harkin is a serious and senior member. i think the difference now is a
4:51 pm
filibuster here or there may make sense for a certain issue to get more debate. filibustering everything is crazy. >> i'm not buying it. they're not going to change anything. they're way too soft. it's a good idea. great numbers on that. coming up, the president's wall street faithful abandoning him for republicans. why? he already got everything they wanted out of him. first, ben franklin on the situation and snooki. he used to live in philadelphia near the jersey shore. oney in tk check the gas in the tank ♪ ♪ check the hottie walking by... ♪ ♪ ...wait that's a dude, no thanks ♪ ♪ check the new hairdo check the mic one two ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm about to drop some knowledge right on top of you ♪ ♪ you check a lot of things already why not add one more ♪ ♪ that can help your situation for sure ♪ ♪ check your credit score ♪ free-credit-score-dot-com free-credit-score ♪
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started publicing the farmer's almanac. a lot has changed since then. a country crippled by debt, partisan bickering and special interests run rampant. what would ben think of the current state of the union? tom is here to tell us. the author of poorer richard's america. what would ben say. first, tom, i want to know how you did the book. did you research benjamin franklin to see what his etiquettes may have been for today's news? >> yes, for 25 years he wrote poor richard's almanac.
4:56 pm
he couldn't stand to give a speech. he wrote out his speeches. before we get into what he would say about china and the banks, how much would he hate the current republicans? >> i would say you're in a very deep hole now. what you need to do is stop blaming each other and work together and solve the problem. >> but ben franklin, one of the world's biggest liberal ls. it's not like he would go in a conservative direction. his views on religion are well known. >> but i would say he was extremely frugal. he would be looking to save money. he would say it's fine to spend money in the country. but we can't afford to bring
4:57 pm
democracy to other countries. now to what he would say about why na. american companies eat their young. often for a few years of heightened profits. why do you think he would say that? >> i think he's a realist. if you look at china, they're unlike russia. 20 years ago russia said they would bury us. china's problem is they want to buy us. they're run as a very well private company with the government as a management team. everything they do is designed to build china's industry. america spends their money for safety. >> let's go to the bankers and
4:58 pm
the hedge fund guys. is the hedge fund manager paying a lower tax rate than the other professionals? could it be that the year he pulled a few tens of millions of dollars from their pockets to tender campaign contributions was the say year the tax rate applicable to hedge fund managers wouz debated in congress? >> no question about it. not the notion of taxing the rich like they were fees. but he would say you need to treat everybody equally. >> the fact they give the politicians money and then they give great results. that may have tipped off old ben. he was a smart guy. how about snooki and jersey shore. what would he say? >> we really need to judge ourselves by people who have been successful versus entertaining. >> i don't know. he had a great sense of humor.
4:59 pm
he ran a newspaper. he got people to read it. he may enjoy the situation. he may have wrote a couple articles about that. >> he may have enjoyed it for maybe ten minutes a week. >> finally, not a lot of people know what franklin's religious views are. can you quickly fill us in? >> he was undecided. he argued that jesus christ obviously gave out great dictates. he suggested he would wait until after he was dead to determine if he was truly religious or not. >> my guess is that would not sit well with folks on foks news. thanks for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that does it for us today, guys. i'm cenk uygur. catch me later tonight and always on the up next,


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